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Special pieces of natural stone. Granite.

Special pieces are those which are considered different from the rest of the products because of their shape or usage. Some projects require special pieces, different pieces from the standard ones and they are made following the personalized designs of our clients. Sometimes it is necessary to line wall hangings with sinuous shapes or to […]

Projects preparation in the Technical Department

Every project or work requires, as a first step, a design or a sketch of what is going to be done. It is only after this that the materials will be chosen and the details can start to be designed. Design allows us to get to improve the features of the materials we will use […]

Finishes for granite slabs

Granite is characterised by its resistance to weather conditions. That is why it can be used for big civil works all around the world. Today we will discuss how to reinforce its characteristics during the making process of the products. One of the ways to improve them is adding finishes on the surfaces of the […]