Every project or work requires, as a first step, a design or a sketch of what is going to be done. It is only after this that the materials will be chosen and the details can start to be designed.

Design allows us to get to improve the features of the materials we will use depending on the finishes and the purposes. It also let us consider the different colours that will generate several visual impacts.

In the case of a natural stone like granite many elements have to be considered. Granite can be used in a more efficient way if we boost its natural characteristics, such as its resistance and durability for outdoor projects or its aesthetic value for indoor projects.

In Grupinex we work with our technical department to develop the natural features and the aesthetic possibilities of granite. In the next example, you will be able to see how did we use visual impact on the stairway and the yard. On top of that, we also boosted the characteristics of this stone with a softer finish on the upper side.

First of all, we modified the slabs of the back yard of the house, both the one by the pool and the penthouse. Thanks to the flammed finish, we could keep the floor from being too slipery and we added resistance to the stone.

After this, we created a visual impact by combining Grey Robledo with details in Pink Eulalia.

Our technical department is mainly helping us to modify and adapt the projects to any special circumstance.

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