Most of the projects involving civil works (streets, squares, pedestrian areas, etc.) use generally 2 types of granite: grey granite and black granite.

The most popular reference numbers for them at a worldwide level are the chinese numbers: G603 for grey granite and G654 for black granite.

It is known that it is really difficult nowadays to find reliable suppliers able to provide black granite without risking to face the closing of the quarries or the decrease of their capacity of extraction.

Black Extremadura Granite provided by Grupinex is one of the european granite that resembles the most the chinese granite G654.

Our Black Extremadura granite can be shaped with different textures, but the most usual finishes for civil works are flammed, bush-hammered and grit blasted.

The physical-mechanical features of this stone are outstanding, as the technical data sheet shows. TECHNICAL DATA SHEET

Many projects have been done with Black Extremadura granite, since the demand of european black granite is growing exponentially.

Grupinex is one of the suppliers of european black granite with a proven capacity to provide both small and big projects with european black granite.


Black Granite Extremadura in Civil Works


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