It is well known by all of construction industry members that China plays such an important role providing huge amount of products worldwide.

No matter being in France, UK, Germany or U.S.A, Chinese granite suppliers are the first options in the decision making process.

Ironically, it happens that some companies who buy materials in China ask us for Ethical Trade bases, knowing that Spain is regulated by the same rules than Europe, where workers conditions are well protected.

We invite to see the abstract of The Spanish Strategy on Occupational Safety and Health (EESST 2015-2020).

We point out the four specific objectives:

  1. Improve the effectiveness of the institutions dedicated to occupational risk prevention
  2. Boost action by the public authorities in the area of analysis, research, promotion, support, technical assistance, supervision and control of occupational risk prevention
  3. Promote the improvement of occupational safety and health conditions with the participation of the social partners and regional governments, particularly in the sectors, activities, groups and companies at greatest risk
  4. Strengthen the engagement of the social partners and the involvement of employers and workers in improving occupational safety and health


Could it be said the same of Chinese regulations?

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