Piece of stone normally intended for zoned areas (pedestrian roads or changes in elevation). Standard sizes are: 10×20 cm, 12×25 cm, 15×25 cm, 20×25 cm. Given their excellent technical parameters the kerbs can be used in construction and reconstruction of roads and highways. They are highly resistant to impact and they guarantee lasting isolation from water, which ensures the road’s longevity.

                                                                                                                    Important to note : WE CAN DO ANY SIZE OR SHAPE YOU REQUIRE

Different types of Kerbs are:


All possible angles up to 90 degrees.

(All the sides are sawn)


(All edges cropped; often used for the refurbishment of historic town centres)

Curved kerbs

Using curved sections which comply with the customer’s measurements (if the bend exceeds a 12m radius, straight curb of a length of 30-50cm can be used).

Beveled kerbs

The curb includes a bevel in the edge view.

Kerbs with a rounded edge

Mailbox kerbs

Used for drainage systems in pedestrianised roads.

Inclined kerbs

All edges are angled bevelled.

Normalized kerbs

A1, A2, P1, P2, T1, T2, T3, CS1, CS2, CC1 and CC2.

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Which are the uses of the granite kerbs ?

If you want to  complete your pathway, driveway or garden, we assure that there’s really no better choice than a granite kerb. Your property will combine traditional appeal with contemporary looks. These kerbs will also perform the job they are designed to do, effectively, and for many years. You can use our high quality kerbs  for both commercial and residential applications. You can use granite kerbs to create borders and divisions that will divide your external areas into defined spaces.