Occurs when cutting granite with a diamond-toothed disc or strip steel; the resulting surface is smooth, but somewhat rough and left with a clear tone and matted finish.


Performed on granite sawed previously. We apply high temperatures to create a thermal shock, releasing small pieces of granite. We obtain a rough surface without altering the color while achieving protection of the granite which is exposed to the exterior.

Bush Hammered

One of the more traditional finishes, this is performed by manually hitting the granite with a steel-headed hammer. Depending on the number of teeth, the finish will be more or less smooth. The result is a smooth surface with some roughness.


A natural cut with only a little tweaking, the end product is only partially grinded by hand.


Polishing machines are used to apply abrasives, with the end product displaying a shiny face. You can get a completely smooth and glossy surface with a darker tone, as well, closing the holes gives a greater resistance to external agents.


Similar to the polishing process, this highlights the texture while remaining dull.