Extraction starts with clearing the over burden and developing the operating phases by creating a system of terraces.

The granite blocks are obtained from the faces by blasting, thermal lances and diamond wire cutting machines. Blocks are then separated by controlled explosions. The detonation is controlled to avoid damaging the material.

The stone is then cut to workable sized blocks by wedges and hydraulic or pneumatic drills, ready for storage, sale or processing.

Block Transformation

The blocks are transformed into slabs of different thicknesses using 3500 mm diameter water cooled diamond blades. The blocks are cut into slabs by successive cuts. The water aids the cutting, cooling and diluting the suspended particles in solution.


The slabs are then subjected to a finishing process that will depend on the destination, the location and the desired look (sawn, flamed, bush hammered, rustic, polished or honed).

Once the product is finished it is stored on pallets to be despatched to the destination requested by our customers.