Granite physical-mechanical characteristics and suitability of uses

Natural Stone, directly extracted from Nature, is one of the oldest building materials used by Humans, both because of its great resistance and because of its ornamental characteristics. In the group of ornamental rocks, granite stands out because of its strength and resistance to alterations, which make it become a very appreciated material in building […]

Productive process and specifications

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Each of the different stages that have to be covered until a finished product is achieved, and that can be summarized schematically in the attached table, bring about a series of techniques and regulations in order to reach a perfect commercialization of ornamental rocks. Thus, in the locations and determination stages of a stone quarry, […]

Spanish strategy on occupational safety and health

It is well known by all of construction industry members that China plays such an important role providing huge amount of products worldwide. No matter being in France, UK, Germany or U.S.A, Chinese granite suppliers are the first options in the decision making process. Ironically, it happens that some companies who buy materials in China […]