Advantages of granite kerbs in the face of concrete ones
Advantages of granite kerbs in the face of concrete ones

Civil Works are those that design, create and modify everything that surrounds us. It is possible to find amongst them paths, all of the squares in our cities and even airports or railway tracks. Today, we will talk about the advantages of granite kerbs in the face of concrete ones.

It is not difficult to find many public spaces where granite kerbs are present. They usually look intact through time thanks to their durability and resistance, being this one of their main qualities.

Granite is not only used to build kerbs; it is a high-quality material for big civil works. This is how it decorates and embroiders our streets, parks and squares, offering a really high durability with just a mínimum maintenance work needed.

Advantages of granite kerbs

Some of the advantages of using granite in kerbs instead of concrete for civil Works are:

  • Granite stone is a natural material which only needs to be moulded, whereas concrete is prefabricated.
  • Granite can be reused and restored easier than concrete because of its natural hardness. This implies less erosion with the passage of time, so the stone can be restored and look like new again after just a soft treatment and perfection work. On the other hand, concrete is usually a one-use material and it looks deteriorated through time.
  • For this same reason, granite lasts longer than concrete: because of its natural origin it can resist weather conditions better.

In conclusión, granite is the material that represents the best the durability through time, with a low maintenance and an easy combination with its own varieties and with other stones as well.


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